Easy on the eye, even easier to clean......

All the benefits of our regular PermaStripe® range, but with a completely smooth surface for easy cleaning.
permastripe smooth

PermaStripe Smooth line marking tape has the same features as our standard PermaStripe® product, except for the embossed surface. We left the surface completely smooth to allow for easier cleaning, and the option of having sleek lines for floor marking in your workplace. We created this due to some customers demanding a more aesthetically pleasing product or something that is easier to clean.

PermaStripe® smooth is created using the exact same methods as our regular PermaStripe®:

  • Solid, 0.043″ thick, homogenous plastic.
  • Chamfered edges to prevent lift.
  • 160mu of high quality modified acrylic adhesive, coated edge-to-edge.

Suitable for areas that have strict hygiene regulations, PermaStripe® Smooth allows for extremely effective cleaning, leaving no areas where bacteria can harbor. The smooth surface allows for effortless cleaning than previous. The smooth range fits perfectly into our warehouse floor striping tape range, with the colors being exactly the same, all angles and sizes are the same. All being designed to create perfect warehouse floor lines or factory line marking system.

Catering companies and food manufacturers, including drug manufacturing companies and clean rooms will benefit from the use of PermaStripe® Smooth, providing an optimized workflow, with an environment that can still be maintained effectively.

Samples can be provided to give you the opportunity to test our products, giving you the confidence required to buy from us. Previously, alternatives available elsewhere such as paint ( long downtime, long cure time, messy ) and resin ( expensive, long durations to apply and cure ) were an option. PermaStripe has created an innovation in heavy duty, durable aisle marking for factories, plants and warehouses.

Environments that require sleek lines to compliment the aesthetic aspect will also benefit from using PermaStripe® Smooth as their line marking system of choice. Smooth compliments areas that maintain a high presentation order.

We currently produce smooth line marking tape in 2″, 3″ and 4″x98ft rolls, in white, yellow and black/yellow hazard. Depending on use and volumes, we can create PermaStripe® Smooth in any of our color range and increased choice of widths, and more.

Our range of colors for PermaStripe® Smooth for immediate sale are:



108 U/1018


black yellow hazard permastripe smooth


107/1018 & 9005


permastripe smooth red/white

Red / White

1788U/3020 & 9003


permastripe smooth red


199 U/3018


permastripe smooth blue


299 U/5012


permastripe smooth green


Green U/RAL 6018


permastripe smooth orange


021 U/2008


permastripe smooth black




Smooth White

Smooth White



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