Between the lines.....

PermaStripe® line marking tape comes complete with a range of floor marking shapes and symbols to help you create a complete 5S floor marking system that not only optimizes workflow but increases safety.

Standard Symbols


permastripe symbols

We stock a wide range of PermaStripe® floor marking shapes, sizes and colors that are ready for immediate dispatch. Die cut floor markers help complete the floor marking system to achieve 5S optimization. Our in-house production machines are constantly creating units of floor markers to ensure stock is always kept.

permastripe corner

Neat joins were previously only achievable by lining up tape ends, or cutting 45° angles, which resulted in a better finish, but could still never be as neat or efficient as pre-cut floor markers. PermaStripe® corners have been created to increase application efficiency and improve aesthetics. PermaStripe® corner floor marking shapes are available in various sizes and colors.

Custom Options

We can offer a variety of custom sizes, shapes and colors for PermaStripe®. If you require something outside of our regular range, please do not hesitate, as we will be more than happy to discuss your requirements.

die cut press

PermaStripe Calculator

If you need to cover a large amount of space with PermaStripe cut shapes, then use our PermaStripe calculator to work out how many you need.

Click on the button to take you to the PermaStripe Calculator.

Permastripe Calculator

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We always love talking to our customers, so if you have an enquiry regarding custom floor marking options, then please get in touch!

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