Self-adhesive, custom floor signs for warehouses and factories.

PermaCover allows you to create quick, cost effective, custom signs that will last for a long time if required.

PermaCovers are a cost effective solution to creating custom 5S signs. They are a self-adhesive frame with a window in the middle to print out a sign and apply it to floors, doors or walls. Our current printed signs are only suitable for large-scale production, which does restrict some customers who only want 5S signs in small numbers. PermaCover allows customers to buy the product necessary in any number they please, and give you the option to create your own custom sign from any common laserjet or inkjet printer.

Constructed from the same material and in a similar fashion as the PermaStripe® range. It is a thick, durable sheet of plastic, with a self-adhesive frame that has a window in the center to place your sign. PermaCover is constructed from a thick ( 0.02″ ) homogenous transparent plastic film, with 160mu thick adhesive applied around the outside.

Using word processing or graphics software to create your custom sign, you then print to letter or half letter paper, in full color or black and white depending on your need. Place the PermaCover face down, remove the adhesive backing film, position your printed custom sign or notice face down, and then apply your PermaCover sign to your chosen surface. Once applied, your custom sign is ready for use immediately.

Perfectly suited for use on doors, walls, machinery or floors, PermaCover custom signs allow for a wide range of uses.


PermaCover self-adhesive signs are finished with rounded corners to prevent edge lift. The surface has a mild emboss to reduce the risk of slips when used on a floor. The crystal clear film brings graphics and text to life; it does not inhibit colors, it enhances them.

PermaCover allows any custom sign for floor, wall or door to be created with ease and is unique as it is extremely durable.

Available in letter and half letter sizes.

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PermaCover can be ordered in quantities from a minimum of 10. To place an order, you can contact us by phone, email, live chat or the contact us form on the site.

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