ESD Printed Floor Marking. Helping to deliver a clear message....

PermaStripe featuring a laminated top print, that helps to notify people entering an area of its restrictions.
esd floor marking tape

ESD ( Electrostatic Discharge ) floor marking tape features a printed, laminated surface on our PermaStripe floor marking tape. This makes a high-definition, industrial grade product that suitably cordons off an area while giving clear indication of the reasons why.

Certain factories or warehouses, or at the very least areas within the aforementioned facilities need to be free of static electricity. These can often be facilities that construct or work with electronic components that are very sensitive to electrostatic discharge. Other facilities can be ones that work with volatile chemicals, and a build up of static can cause a negative reaction.

By warning people of the restrictions within a certain building or warehouse, preventative measures can be put in place to prevent the build up of static and prevent ESD, ensuring that the interests of employees and the company are kept intact. ESD floor marking tape does help to identify where preventative measures are required to be put in place.

ESD printed floor marking tape features a vibrant and clear message on its top surface. When combined with the yellow PermaStripe, this created a product that not only cordons off areas effectively, but its message can not be missed, or easily removed due to the durable laminate top layer.

ESD floor marking tape is available for immediate dispatch in 2″ x 98ft rolls. Dependent on MOQ’s ( minimum order quantities ) custom options can be discussed. This allows us to provide you with a specific safety need for your facility.

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