The main feature of PermaStripe® that not only sets us apart from line marking paint, but our direct competitors also, is the thickness of our warehouse floor tape. This brings many advantages during the application, service life, and removal of our factory line marking material.

Advantages of PermaStripe® over thin, budget floor tapes


Many floor marking tapes are cheap, thin, fragile strips of material. They apply well, but soon start to show obvious signs of wear and tear, breaking up and losing their markings. Very soon, particularly in busy areas, they stop being effective, and stop optimizing workflow and helping people navigate buildings safely. Faded and broken directions are harder to spot, but with PermaStripe® factory line marking, this doesn’t happen.

…why choose PermaStripe?

  • Industrial grade thickness, actually more so than the current industry standard.
  • If and when the time does come to change, it’s easy to remove, living little to no adhesive residue.
  • Does not tear as easily as regular tape.
  • Will not wear out, so markings will not fade.

Advantages of PermaStripe® over Paving Blocks


Only really suited to major refurbishments or new builds, built in paving is great for durability, but not a very versatile solution. Pavoirs look great in parking bays and pedestrian only zones, but forklift operators and warehouse staff won’t appreciate them.

…why choose PermaStripe®?

  • Offers very durable, versatile floor and walkway marking options
  • Used for high viz – high contrast schemes, or subtle guidance for staff and visitors.
  • Color schemes will not wear out.

Advantages of PermaStripe® over Line Marking Paint

line marking paint

Line marking paint has been a popular choice for many years, why would there be any other option?

The downsides of line marking paint are more during the application and removal, with both being messy, drawn out and time consuming affairs. Whilst line marking paint application is in place, it renders a location unusable until drying and curing is complete. Removal can always be a messy process. Re-application can sometimes occur too, as many paints used cannot withstand the amount of foot traffic, and wear out.

Preparation must also be made to ensure lines are in the correct place, and neat too, this means masking or stencilling, which makes the job more difficult.


…why choose PermaStripe

  • Guaranteed straight lines and vivid colors for the lifetime of service.
  • Pre cut shapes remove the possibility of any inconsistency.
  • Minimal downtime required to apply.
  • Much easier to get better results.
  • PermaStripe® never emits any fumes, so is perfectly suitable as factory floor tape for catering, food manufacture and pharmaceutical companies.
  • PermaStripe can be removed with minimal requirement to re-work the surface.

Want to Know More?

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