Permastripe is an industrial floor marking tape that is ideal for optimizing the workflow of a workplace and increasing safety. Suitable for use as aisleway marking, guidance for specific traffic routes, bay designation, warehouse line marking and more.

An efficient industrial floor marking system to help guide staff and visitors around your workplace and facility.
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PermaStripe® Yellow

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PermaStripe® White

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Yellow/Black hazard

PS-RedWhite-2Slide thumbnail

Red/White hazard

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PermaStripe® Red

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PermaStripe® Orange

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PermaStripe® Green

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PermaStripe® Blue

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Flourescent Green

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PermaStripe® Black

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PermaStripe® Smooth Yellow

Not just tape on a roll – we offer a large range of shapes, letters, numerals and colors in the PermaStripe industrial floor marking material.  Whole floor marking systems can be developed using the one product for a consistent appearance and easy planning.

What can PermaStripe offer?

  • Color that does not fade – The color runs through the material, so even if scratched it will not be removed, and will not be affected by harsh solvents such MEK, toluene etc.
  • Incredible adhesion – To ensure a great bond and long lasting performance.
  • Easily removed when no longer required – Will lift off of a surface, leaving little to no residue.

PermaStripe floor marking tape is one solid, homogenous tape.

Because PermaStripe industrial floor marking is thick (0.043″ thick plastic with an added 160mu of adhesive) we add a chamfer, also known as a feathered edge to allow traffic to flow freely over it without causing it to lift.  We produce 3 sizes for off the shelf sale (2″, 3″ and 4″) with a width of 9″ for our custom size production, allowing you to create a specific width that you require.  It is available with two top surfaces, one that is mildly embossed, and another which is completely smooth, allowing for very easy cleaning.

Since using PermaStripe­® our workplace efficency and safety has increased by a great margin. It was easy to apply, with minimal downtime!
Customer, Factory Manager

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