PermaRoute is a complete warehouse and factory floor marking system, allowing you to create routes, bays and signs around your workplace.

A system that allows you to optimize your warehouse for increased workflow, ensuring a more streamlined, organised, tidy and safe working environment.
use lines and shapes creatively

PermaRoute is the complete floor marking system. We developed the floor marking system to incorporate as many components as possible, to create an effective 5S solution for factories, warehouses, production lines and more.

More than just simple lines are possible with PermaRoute, as we have also produced a range of joins and visual aids that help to create a a fully optimized layout which is clean and efficient and will stay just like that.

What does PermaRoute offer?

  • A top laminated surface – Allows for a clear and vibrant print which won’t scratch or wear off.
  • Easy to apply – Very little downtime required to apply.
  • No fumes – Perfect for areas with strict hygiene regulations.
  • EN13501 certified – Tested for materials resistance to fire.

Durable, Industrial Grade Construction

PermaRoutes 700mu thickness consists of an adhesive backed plastic, with a top laminate for extra durability and protection.

We have been using PermaRoute to help us organise our warehouse operations better. We installed our floor marking a long time ago, and it is still really effective with minimal signs of wear.
Customer, Department Store Chain

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