Hi-viz, glow in the dark floor marking tape...

Glow in the dark PermaStripe® emits a bright glow in low light conditions, to ensure safe operation and passge throughout the workplace.
glow in the dark permastripe

PermaStripe® is available as photoluminescent glow in the dark tape also. Just as durable and effective as our plain colored PermaStripe®, but in lights out or low light conditions, it will emit a bright green glow to ensure safe passage or exit down any aisles, walkways, steps or doors anywhere it is applied.

PermaStripe® glow in the dark tapes properties are consistent through the entire product, just like the color in the rest of our range, meaning if scratches or scrapes ever occur, the material will still perform effectively as photoluminescent aisle marking. The glow in the dark photons presence in all parts of PermaStripe glow tape guarantees maximum visibility and safety. The tough construction of PermaStripe glow in the dark tape means that removing it when required is just as easy, if not easier than application.

Glow in the dark PermaStripe® photoluminescent tape is charged by natural or incandescent lighting, which means that the aisle marking will always perform for a sufficient amount of time.

glow in the dark floor marking night

Sizes Available?

Photoluminescent glow in the dark PermaStripe® is available for immediate dispatch in roll sizes of 3″, 4″ and 5″ in width and 98ft in length. As with all of our products, we can produce glow in the dark PermaStripe® in a lot of lengths, widths and shapes.

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