For long lasting, highly visible floor markings, choose PermaStripe® or PermaRoute

Perma Stripe

2 Year Warranty

Self adhesive floor marking tape
0.043 inch thick industrial PVC
Bevelled edges for super-smooth transit.
Solid color all the way through


Perma Stripe


Self adhesive aisle marking system Colored or printed tape under a tough clear laminate. Cut to any shape – stock and custom designs. Roll widths up to 45 inches.


Easy to install

Short and medium lengths of our aisle marking tape can be easily applied by hand, but for longer lengths our custom made applicator is ideal.

Wide choice of colors

Large range of standard colors, with the option to produce custom colors of your choice.
PermaRoute Feet

Not just floor tape

A complete set of joins, junctions and shapes makes PermaStripe and PermaRoute into very versatile line marking systems.

PermaStripe and PermaRoute - 5S Warehouse and Facility Marking Solutions

PermaStripe and PermaRoute are unique, industrial grade aisle marking tapes designed to provide effective warehouse floor marking solutions to meet 5S requirements.

PermaStripe provides durable line marking solutions that exceed regular floor tapes performance, due to the material itself being a homogenous piece of 0.43″ thick plastic. The OSHA required colors are integral and run through the material, meaning no scrapes or solvents will remove the color, ensuring your warehouse floor marking solution continues to serve it’s purpose with no need for replacement. PermaStripe is produced in 2″, 3″ and 4″ rolls. Due to the chamfered edges these sizes are fixed. Select die cut shapes are possible within these tolerances however.

PermaRoute is a versatile aisle marking system which allows the application of clear visual aids in the workplace to ensure your facility is safe and efficient.

PermaRoute expands on PermaStripes function further due to it’s production into a full width log that unlike PermaStripe means it can offer the possibility of large cut shapes. PermaRoute does not feature chamfered edges, but what it does offer is a top surface laminate, allowing the option of a top surface print that unlike conventional floor tape, is be protected from all but the heaviest scrapes. PermaRoute is the suitable option for a full warehouse floor marking solution, encompassing aisle marking tape, signs with printed notices.

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Stock colors 11 10
Custom colors Any Any
Pre-Cut junctions and corners Yes Yes
Custom shapes Yes Yes
Standard Roll widths 2″, 3″, 4″ 2″, 3″, 4″
Custom Roll widths Enquire 0.78″ up to 45″
Print Self colored Printed surface below laminate
2 year warranty